Istanbul Maket, bringing the 20 years of experienced hands, talent and quality together, has started its journey in 2011 to provide model manufacturing services to the sectors of architecture, design, construction and advertising promotion. Our company with the principle of “Providing quality as service” and its customer-oriented approach, provides fast, effective and practical solutions for architectural modeling, modeling, prototyping and 3D modelling presentation. With the expert team having the ability of analytical thinking, while bringing professional handcraft together with the technological possibilities, we keep producing for our domestic and international customers. 

Our company selects the raw materials from durable plastic and its derivatives such as the long-lasting materials; polyurethane, polyester, metal, PVC, acrylic. Thus, aiming to get durable, high quality and aesthetic results in every scale using our own CNC Routers, Laser Cutting Machines and 3D Printers.


While adapting the principle of “Quality Service in the Broad Sense”, reaching quality by combining the abstract natural talent of concrete hands with technology, a concrete work of abstract mind. Moreover, aiming to meet customer needs on time and in the requested manner. Our company specialized on Housing and Residential Models, Tablet Controlled Illuminated and Interactive Mobile Models, Urban Design and City Models, Land Survey Plan Models, Business Center and Factory models and Floor Section Models.


Istanbul Maket aims to meet the customer demands in the sector and to become a leading company in model manufacturing.


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