MongoDB vs PostgreSQL: 8 Critical Differences Learn

In PostgreSQL, you can define relationships between tables using foreign keys. Using this system, you can perform complicated joins and form relationships between tables. This function is especially useful when you query data across multiple tables, using the relationships you define to connect data sets. Availability ensures that even during a server outage, there’s no data downtime.

  • PostgreSQL does this through a variety of strategies for indexing and concurrency.
  • PostgreSQL database has a monolithic architecture which means all its components are unified.
  • MongoDB also provides you with the option of schema validation to enforce data governance controls over every collection.
  • This means PostgreSQL structures data before them like other traditional RDMS and unlike MongoDB.
  • MongoDB can store and retrieve unstructured data like images, videos, and texts.

In our benchmarking, we saw a 10x index size reduction by enabling product quantization, reducing the index size from 7.92 GB to just 790 MB. We’ll delve deeper into why the algorithms used by this index are particularly advantageous in PostgreSQL. We are staunch proponents of offering diverse options to the PostgreSQL community, leading us to design an index distinct from those already available in the ecosystem. DEV Community — A constructive and inclusive social network for software developers.

MongoDB vs PostgreSQL: Relationships Among Tables

Changing structure after loading data is often very difficult, requiring multiple teams across development, DBA, and Ops to tightly coordinate changes. With 1,252.20 queries per second at 99% recall, Timescale Vector surpasses Qdrant’s 354 queries per second by more than 250%. In the future, we plan to test Timescale Vector against more specialized vector databases and benchmark the results. While this might entail a marginal decline in query accuracy, PostgreSQL already stores the full-scale vectors in the heap-table. This allows for correcting the diminished accuracy from the indexed data using heap data, refining the search results.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

PostgreSQL follows the ACID properties of atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability. ACID principles enable PostgreSQL for storing data and running critical transactions safely. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service and acknowledge that you have read and understand our privacy policy and code of conduct. Generate a REST API on any data source in seconds to power data products. Low-code ETL with 220+ data transformations to prepare your data for insights and reporting.

MongoDB find in command Complete tutorial in 2022

For each spatial distance three experiments are executed with different amount of timestamps and waypoints of a specific vessel’s trajectory. For example in case of 5 miles spatial proximity, for 100 different waypoints in the middle bar, the query finds all coordinates of vessels “close” to the specific waypoint for 100 different time intervals of equal size. Again the superiority of PostgreSQL is obvious as the sample grows and reduced almost at half. In case of PostgreSQL we used the fastest solution to find all vessels within some distance of a given point. The simplest way to perform this query is to use ST_DWithin with the PostGIS geography type, instead of geometry.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

PostgreSQL is a 100% free and open-source ORD (object-relational database) that dates back to 1987, making it significantly older than MongoDB. Instead of storing data like documents, the database stores it as structured objects. It offers several index types like B-tree, compound, text, geospatial, hashed, and clustered indexes. I did a POC between these a couple of years back and they were pretty neck in neck with synchronous JDBC drivers. When I leveraged the async JDBC driver with Mongo, then MongoDb performance well exceeded past PostGres by 8x. Honestly, these two are  really two different animals with different use cases.

MongoDB vs PostgreSQL: 8 Critical Differences

It is a traditional object-relational database that follows the syntax and schema of SQL databases. This means PostgreSQL structures data before them like other traditional RDMS and postgresql vs mongodb performance unlike MongoDB. This direct mapping helps software developers to easily use and query MongoDB. A Complex data structure can be easily stored in a document-based model of MongoDB.

MongoDB also offers an On-Premise pricing model with MongoDB Enterprise Advanced edition. In the modern world today, competition between companies is very common, especially when they are offering similar products. In the competitive field of Data Analytics, offering efficient products and services and having a majority customer share in the market does help determine the profit of the company. When it comes to the field of Database Management, the choice of MongoDB vs PostgreSQL is a relatively tough one. Companies like Samsung, Airbus, NEC, and startups rely on us to build great online products. We can help you too, by enabling you to hire and effortlessly manage expert developers.

What’s the Difference Between MongoDB and PostgreSQL?

Instead of storing data like documents, PostgreSQL stores it as Structured objects. If you require a modern database to process data from various sources and in various formats, then go for MongoDB. If SQL database structure suits your application needs, PostgreSQL is a better choice. Data is a fundamental component of every business process, and a database management system is an essential requirement to store this data with security and controlled accessibility.

postgresql vs mongodb performance

The larger this buffer, the greater the number of candidates required for loop completion, rendering the search process slower but ensuring higher accuracy. At query time, you set the buffer size using the tsv.query_search_list_size GUC. Let’s break down how the timescale-vector index works, focusing on the search and construction algorithms. We’ll begin with the search, as it plays a pivotal role in the construction process. Moreover, the Timescale Vector team is working on decreasing the index build time by using parallelism in upcoming releases.

Difference between Mongodb vsPostgreSQL

It also offers Atlas Search powered by Lucene, and with features that support data lakes built on cloud object storage. PostgreSQL has a full range of security features including many types of encryption. While it is all the same database, operational and developer tooling varies by cloud vendor, which makes migrations between different clouds more complex. MongoDB Atlas runs in the same way across all three major cloud providers, simplifying migration and multi-cloud deployment. MongoDB allows you to store data in almost any structure, and each field – even those deeply nested in subdocuments and arrays – can be indexed and efficiently searched. MongoDB stores data as documents in a binary representation called BSON (Binary JSON).

postgresql vs mongodb performance

I also discuss the installation process of MongoDB and explain how easy it is to install the operator using two of the most popular ways, Helm, and Kustomize. The video also provides several examples of how to define the database resource in Kubernetes, which is relatively simple and easy to do. This way, PostgreSQL can update both records at the same time, thus reducing the number of errors and maintaining a complete and accurate backup as well. PostgreSQL, on the other hand, uses the GROUP_BY to process and run queries. A Foreign Key is a column or a group of columns of one table that references another column (generally the primary key) of another table and establishes a relationship between them. MongoDB does not support Foreign Keys whereas PostgreSQL does support them.

PostgreSQL vs. MongoDB Scalability

There are other benefits of using when choosing between MongoDB vs. PostgreSQL. The platform has a unique pricing model that charges you for the number of connectors you use and not the data you consume. Plus, you can access world-class support and benefit from over 100 out-of-the-box connectors that move data between relational databases, transactional databases, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and more.

Business Architects and Product Managers

The project’s complexity determines these requirements, but the most common are safety, performance, usability, and more. The solution architect’s role is to analyze all non-functional requirements and ensure that further product development will meet them. It’s also worth mentioning that the role of a solution architect is not limited just to ideation. This person takes part in all stages of the product development process. To make it clearer, let’s look at the tasks solution architect job description should include.

solutions architect vs product manager

However, if the software was well designed at the initial stages, these alterations won’t lead to time-consuming and costly rebuilding of the system. “If scalability is not embedded in the initial design, you will probably waste your money for nothing,” Ivan Mosiev cautions. The architect begins with studying high-level functional and non-functional requirements related to performance, security, reliability, and other quality aspects. He or she also considers constraints placed by compliance requirements (like GDPR and CCPA for working with personal data or HIPAA for medical software). Solution architect/sales engineering to me is a bit more interesting and since it’s more technical and gives you that edge. Also you get to be close to the revenue stream with account executives.

Business Architect: Dispelling the Myths and misperceptions

This drives meaningful change in an organization, although program management can also be used externally. As an example, your company’s learning and development program might include several smaller aspects which work together as a whole, such as an employee learning app, a team mentorship initiative, or a book club. They provide technical leadership and make decisions regarding the most crucial elements of a system being created. The elements that would be hard to change after implementing and elements that may be related to failure risks. Also, the architect may sometimes propose technical standards, including coding standards, tools, or platforms.

solutions architect vs product manager

Compared to our professional services fee, the price of our products is a fraction of what we charge for custom work. Some of the role clarity issues go back to the genesis of the practice, the type of practitioners and their past background, and the lack of awareness and ambiguity among business and technology leaders. Domain architects focus on specific areas, for example an application architect or network architect.

How to Prepare for Your Solutions Architect Job Interview

The reason is to ensure appropriate licensing and also validating the deliverables. Now I am more focused as a developer, I am an architect of applications themselves, therefore I am an Applications Architect. I’d give a selected few people the Software Architect title if they want it but experience tells me the people who would actually deserve the title of Software Architect usually aint that in to titles.

Product designers use their user experience and usability expertise to lay out the application plan. There’s more to building a great product experience than just mocking up some nice-looking graphics in Figma. In a well-designed product, everything is intentional, from the color and position of a button to the page structure. However, before the team can start coding, they need to know what exactly to code. You have chosen opportunities you want to focus on and defined experiments and solutions you want to ship to capitalize on these opportunities. Now it’s time to specify the nitty-gritty details of an end solution.

Business Architect Job Responsibilities:

The latter determines what business structure, processes, and operations allow a company to meet its strategic objectives. Alternatively, we may say that enterprise architecture defines how a company’s business strategy can be executed most efficiently. At the same time, solution architecture is responsible for the technological support of such execution. A solutions architect typically needs at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science or another related field. They might also need experience working as a software developer or engineer.

According to Zippia, 66 percent of solutions architects have a bachelor’s degree, and 24 percent have a master’s [3]. The average salary for a solutions architect is $130,598 per year, while the average salary for a product manager is $98,439 per year. Both of these salaries can vary depending on the size of the company, the location of the job and the level of experience the employee has. After the stakeholders have agreed on the project, the solutions architect is responsible for monitoring the process and keeping stakeholders updated and informed on the progress. Most of the time, the project involves technical and non-technical stakeholders, and the solutions architect must ensure that each party’s needs are considered and factored into the project’s scope. Business Architects strive to make business architecture the glue that binds various aspects of an enterprise strategy, design, modeling, and solutions ecosystem.

Integration Expertise

This is because their positions sound similar and the responsibilities overlap partially. Yet, each role is essential for a project’s success and cannot be substituted by another position. During the development process, there are usually several stakeholders who are both technical and non-technical. The solution architect should consider all software development requirements and provide updates about the development process, expenses, etc. Yes, there is a high demand for people with expert-level skills in solutions architecture because all businesses today incorporate technology. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment for computer network architects will rise by five percent between 2020 and 2030.

  • To successfully perform their duties, software architects need to have a broad and deep technical expertise.
  • Stack Exchange network consists of 183 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.
  • Now I am more focused as a developer, I am an architect of applications themselves, therefore I am an Applications Architect.
  • You have chosen opportunities you want to focus on and defined experiments and solutions you want to ship to capitalize on these opportunities.
  • With both a clear product strategy and information about end users, it’s time to define the product itself.
  • A Solutions Architect is responsible for the overall design and implementation of technology solutions that meet the business needs of an organization.

He or she is mainly responsible for building a proper infrastructure to support a company’s business strategy. A solution architect is also responsible for the continuous maintenance of a system developed. This person makes sure that there is a secure and stable IT environment for a software solution to work properly.

Develop career skills and credentials to stand out

For example, a product manager who will be overseeing the development of medical devices should have experience working in the healthcare industry. There is no need to be confused about what kind of architect suits your requirements. And, choose who fits the bill better between a software architect vs. solutions architect. It is the solutions architect’s job to upgrade the tech and systems of a company. That is why the professional must have the following required skills to make it happen.

11 Remote Job Vacancies at Microsoft That Pay $100K+ –

11 Remote Job Vacancies at Microsoft That Pay $100K+.

Posted: Wed, 18 Oct 2023 20:39:35 GMT [source]

Or consider a Specialisation such as IBM’s for DevOps, Cloud, and Agile Foundations to learn some of the most popular concepts and methodologies for managing the development process. Solution Architects typically begin their journey in software development roles, gaining experience in various technologies and understanding the complexities of system design. With time, they move into architecture roles, perhaps as an Application Architect and gradually advancing to become software architects in a development team. This is probably one of the most crucial parts of building a product; it’s where you make fundamental decisions such as what problems to address and what solutions to build. Some of the requirements for the job are listed below so you know how to pursue the career. It’s good to have a broad knowledge of software architecture design, hands-on experience with business intelligence tools, analytical skills, and various soft skills, including leadership and communication.

Solutions Architect Meaning: What Does a Solutions Architect Do?

“The first thing to do is to decide if there is a need for custom software or if we can take an existing solution and configure it to meet client needs,” Ivan Mosiev says. In the latter case, an engineering team is able to handle the task without an architect, so this expert won’t participate in the further development process. There are no pure technical architects — as there is no such thing as solution architect performance goals an ideal development cycle. Their functions are dictated by numerous factors, from an organization structure to particular business needs. However, we can roughly outline typical duties depending on the engineering stage. The overall goal of an architect is to ensure a smooth development lifecycle and efficient use of available resources building enterprise architecture for each application.

solutions architect vs product manager

Let’s discuss about What is Robust Meaning in Java An Overview

The interpreted nature of Java technology solves both the binary distribution problem and the version problem; the same Java programming language byte codes will run on any platform. Java is designed to be a reliable programming language that can handle errors and exceptions gracefully. This is achieved through a number of features, such as automatic memory management and exception handling is considered as robust in java. While most programming languages today do require variables to be declared,

there are other features in common programming languages that can cause

problems. Some people complain that

this makes Java less efficient and less powerful. While there is some justice

in this criticism, the increase in security and robustness is probably worth

the cost in most circumstances.

Now you’re supposed to cope with all this and make your applications work in a distributed client-server environment. The growth of the Internet, the World-Wide Web, and “electronic commerce” have introduced new dimensions of complexity into the development process. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) principles are fundamental concepts that form the backbone of modern software development. OOP is a programming paradigm that revolves around organising code into objects, encapsulating data and functionality. The four main OOP principles are inheritance, encapsulation, polymorphism, and abstraction. Inheritance allows classes to inherit properties and behaviours from other classes, promoting code reusability.

Robustness Testing

For example, in real-time systems where performance is critical, Java’s garbage collection system may introduce latency and impact performance. Additionally, some developers may find Java’s strong typing system too restrictive or cumbersome for certain types of projects. In these cases, other programming languages or frameworks may be more appropriate. Robustness is a quality of Java programs that ensures they can handle unexpected events and errors without crashing or causing harm. It is achieved through various mechanisms such as exception handling, garbage collection, and type checking.

I think they still call that a Catch22 (Great movie, watch it sometime). They are usually trivally easy to detect once you think of them. The example your professior has given is not something that could happen, so it’s a very poor example.

Java technology provides a clean and efficient object-based development platform. Java is a robust programming language due to its comprehensive exception-handling mechanism, automatic memory management, strong type checking, runtime checking, and rich set of standard libraries. Standard libraries in programming refer to pre-built sets of functions, classes, and modules that come bundled with a programming language. These libraries provide a wide range of functionalities, making it easier for developers to perform common tasks without reinventing the wheel. Standard libraries play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and code quality as they are thoroughly tested, optimised, and maintained by language creators or communities.

what is robustness in java

If the programmer fails to do this, unused memory can build up, leaving

less memory for programs and data. There is a story that many common programs

for older Windows computers had so many memory leaks that the computer would run out

of memory after a few days of use and would have to be restarted. A program is correct

Strings in Java

if it accomplishes the task that it was designed to perform. It is robust if it can handle illegal inputs and other unexpected

  • With platform independence, developers can write code once and deploy it on Windows, macOS, Linux, or any other system supporting JVM.
  • JAVA was developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems Inc in the year 1995 and later acquired by Oracle Corporation.
  • It is the first browser to dynamically download and execute Java code fragments from anywhere on the Internet, and can do so in a secure manner.
  • If your tool chain is non-conformant to its specification, you are hosed no matter what you do.
  • It is typically used to test for the presence of memory leaks or other types of errors that can cause a system to crash.

situations in a reasonable way. For example, consider a program that is

designed to read some numbers from the user and then print the same numbers in

1.2  Java to the Rescue

sorted order. The program is correct if it works for any set of input numbers.

In the case of the HotJava Browser and similar applications, interactive executable code can be loaded from anywhere, which enables transparent updating of applications. The result is on-line services that constantly evolve; they can remain innovative and fresh, draw more customers, and spur the growth of electronic commerce on the Internet. The design requirements of the Java

what is robustness


programming language are driven by the nature of the computing environments in which software must be deployed. Now there

what is robustness in java

is a better way — the



programming language platform

what is robustness in java

from Sun Microsystems. The principles for creating java were simple, robust, secured, high-performance, portable, multi-threaded, interpreted, dynamic, etc.

When computers are given more important tasks, the consequences of

failure can be proportionately more serious. On November 13, 2006, Sun released much of its Java virtual machine as free, open-source software. On May 8, 2007, Sun finished the process, making all of its JVM’s core code available under open-source distribution terms. In 1997, Sun Microsystems approached the ISO standards body and later formalized Java, but it soon withdrew from the process.

The Java API consists of an extensive set of libraries including basic objects, networking and security functions; Extensible Markup Language (XML) generation; and web services. Taken together, the Java language and the Java software platform create a powerful, proven technology for enterprise software development. Java is a technology consisting of both a programming language and a software platform. To create an application using Java, you need to download the Java Development Kit (JDK), which is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Java bytecode runs without modification on any system that supports JVMs, allowing your Java code to be run anywhere. One of the main reasons why Java is such a secure programming language is its built-in security features.

A user working with HotJava Browser can run several animations concurrently while downloading an image and scrolling the page. Java technology’s

multithreading capability provides the means to build applications with many concurrent threads of activity. Multithreading thus results in a high degree of interactivity for the end user. Robust code may, and in a hostile environment, must, have good error management (be it exception handling or rigorous return status tests). These error messages allow the user to more easily debug the program. So you see that not all possible errors are avoided or detected automatically in Java.

The better solution would be to isolate the error handling from the application logic. Most cases, a core dump is approriate, at worst it annoys the user or costs a lot of money. What if, say, the module is the Space shuttle realtime reentry calculation system? Any answer, no matter how inaccurate, cannot be worse than aborting, which will kill the users. So what to do, if you know the answer might be wrong, go for the 50/50, or abort and go fo the 100% failure.

Robustness is a measure of how well a software system can cope with invalid inputs or unexpected user interactions. A robust system is one that continues to function correctly even in the face of unexpected or invalid inputs. A software system that is robust is able to handle errors and unexpected inputs gracefully, without crashing or producing incorrect results. It is also able to adapt to changes in its operating environment, such as changes in the operating system, hardware, or other software components. Java, a widely used programming language, is renowned for its “write once, run anywhere” mantra, making it a popular choice for building cross-platform applications. Among its many defining features, Java’s robustness stands out as a crucial aspect that contributes to its widespread adoption in various domains.

As a result, Java remains an important requirement for competing in the job market. One of the key security features of Java is its sandboxing model. When Java code is executed, it runs inside a sandboxed environment that is isolated from the rest of the system.

For example, Java code is run in a bytecode format, which is designed to prevent buffer overflow attacks. Java also has a built-in security manager that can be used to restrict the permissions of code that is being executed. Java is an object-oriented language, which means that it is based on the concept of objects, rather than procedures or functions.

The best defense against some types of errors

is to design a programming language in which the errors are impossible. In

other cases, where the error can’t be completely eliminated, the language can

be designed so that when the error does occur, it will automatically be

detected. This will at least prevent the error from causing further harm, and

it will alert the programmer that there is a bug that needs fixing. Let’s look

at a few cases where the designers of Java have taken these approaches.

Research and Development Official Star Trek Online Wiki

As an issuer of Security Tokens, you will need all of this information to do an audited report of your process. By choosing Infinite Block Tech as your STO developer, you can get the combined power of these services that you won’t find anywhere else. First, we lay the foundation for the Security Token Offering through careful planning, researching, legality considerations, and understanding the needs of our client and their project. Low liquidity of corporate assets, which results in their low value and small investment attractiveness.

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sto developers

STOs leverage smart contracts, which are self-executing contracts on the blockchain, to automate various processes. This automation reduces the need for intermediaries, streamlines transactions and eliminates manual errors. From initial consultation to post-STO activities, our team is dedicated to guiding you at every step. We offer ongoing assistance, reporting and compliance updates to help you navigate the evolving STO landscape effectively. Implement a robust investors verification process, including a accredited investor checks and KYC/AML procedures.

What is STO?

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  • As a leading provider of security token offering development services, we specialize in building secure and compliant tokenization solutions.
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Each item has a difficulty rating, which varies based on the parameters selected. This is compared with the player’s skill rating to return the odds of returning Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and for special items Ultra Rare items. Components have a chance of returning a critical, which triples the number of items created. Crafting skill can be boosted by using higher quality Duty Officers, or using consumable “Catalysts”. The crafting system is skill based; you gain permanent skill points by leveling a school. As your skill level increases you gain access to more items and have a higher chance to achieve a critical success outcome that gives better rewards.


With our premium STO Launch services, you can develop your top-notch user-friendly STO Dashboard quickly. If you aren’t aware of the STO launch service and STO dashboard, then this article would be helpful for your business. In this article, we will discuss the importance of the STO dashboard, STO launch services, how to launch an STO, and the benefits of the STO dashboard.

sto developers

Blockchain App Factory offers end-to-end security token offering services, covering every aspect of the tokenization process. From conceptualization to token issuance and investor management, their team guides clients through the entire journey. Their legal experts ensure adherence to regulatory standards, providing clients with confidence in the compliance of their STO projects. SoluLab is renowned for its vast expertise in blockchain technology and its ability to harness the potential of decentralized networks. The company’s core mission is empowering businesses to leverage blockchain for seamless and secure transactions.

What makes Hivelance more unique in STO development?

Get your STO off to a successful start by partnering with Infinity Block Tech and set yourself up for a lifetime of success. ICOs are relatively unregulated, which means that coin development and issuance are not controlled, and there is no rigorous due diligence done by a third party. Robust cybersecurity algorithms to achieve high security of an STO solution and minimize the risk of financial fraud. Inefficient, error-prone manual processing of over-the-counter securities trading transactions.

There is a high demand for Equity token development services because of sharing the ownership of the company and its products. Security Tokens are digital securities such as assets that are used for trading in exchange of funds from the investors. The creation of these tokens is through the tokenization of solid assets. Security tokens need to be compliant with Legal securities and regulations of specific regions. Organizations that have just kick-started are inclining towards STO to build trust among the investors for their projects.

Custom Security Token Offering Development & Consulting

STOs can facilitate secondary market trading, allowing investors to buy and sell security tokens after the initial offering. This provides liquidity and marketability to the tokens, giving investor the flexibility to exit their investments or trade them based on market demand. Our Tan θ Software Studio you gain access to our expertise, commitment to compliance, customized approach and comprehensive support.

sto developers

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Our execution Process

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